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released August 15, 1989



all rights reserved


DTMD (Dunc & Toine Makin' Dollas) Maryland

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Track Name: antoine jameson (prod. 00genesis)
I'm from a city where the hype be outweighing the product
the stage, more important than the act
real recognize real so shit....
I barely interact
try to fake like it ain't a fact
but i'm into rap so fuck it...where the liquor at?
washed out, dropped out school but my knowledge run deep
like the homeless slept on in the streets
I bump my own shit, just to meet my opponent, ME
the backpack cat that never rap for free my nigga...
started on a Chapel Hill
graduated to a Golden State of mind
cause a nigga had to pay the bills...
"it's a war going on outside..." YOU KNOW THE REST
programmed to be a Prodigy, so shit, I know the best
give love where it's due, much respect to my crew
we like the most famous, nameless
waddup Mike, Dunc, Drew, Double Oh, Selecta, Cortez & Soulful too..
cause this is....
my table of contents, start off with no nonsense
I'm sick with it...and it's reality I vomit
it's infinite, that's the mentality I'm armed with
and I'll cock and launch this into your conscious
just to start your inner conflict or see what your response is
and if you ain't responsive, maybe I'm wasting arm strength...
yup, my mission is that, when I deliver the raps
I aim for the head, but never lifting the gat
since the citizens deliver the wack
I breathe god so I'm giving it back like...whatever
that shit be clever
reside from the PG side
nigga, it's Toine Jameson till I die come on...
Track Name: waddup!! (prod. Slimkat78)
I fucking love rap, ay look it got me here
got niggas listenin' from the benches, some don't even cheer
look, we all tryna start up in this game
where you try to sell your art, but at the end you sell your name
...and cash out
mash out with the fame till lil' niggas complain like
"why he switch up his lane??"
it's a shame ain't it?
gotta be selfish, do it for delf (self)
but can't blame it, shit the game tainted
you either fuck it or it fuck with you
...and I ain't nothin to fuck wit
born to break beats and chase freaks
ay look I may waste time, but I'll be damned if I waste a rhyme
shit is business from the moment the pen hits
to the way I treat my fans when it ain't no microphone in my hand
I'm still a man so
even if this shit is all grand, understand
for the feast, and the famine I plan to be the champ...

lemme talk to these niggas
like shit, waddup!!!
Central Avenue...you know how we do
riding right, up and down 202
Landover, Largo, Palmer Park wit it yo...
lemme talk to em, niggas...
like shit, waddup!!!
Lockwood, Georgia Ave too
Castle Blvd all way out to New Hampshire
my niggas keep it dirty like ya drawer's in the hamper...

yup, I'm in it for the long haul
used to be in it to be timid
but my image is the bomb, dog
and I tried to be humble and all
like when niggas asked for raps, I would mumble em off...
but (fuck that)...never that now
the focus sharp, you see the blur up in the background?
I hold my art close to my heart
where most would depart I...
clinch a little tighter, held the fire like a lighter, yeah....
you fuckin right a nigga tryna get it.
got my whole team with me, this ain't nothin but a scrimmage
I'm invested in, excellence
truth is what I represent
put my damn life in what I write
this just a testament
another chronicle, from the honorable, benevolent
so if you wanna move forward, my nigga then let's begin
check the checklist, makin' sure i'm set to win
you can't compete, with what I speak
niggas weak

and I'ma talk to em, niggas...
like shit, waddup!!
Branch Ave, Temple Hills side
St. Barnabas Road, we finna let it ride
All my Pennsylvania Ave mufuckas GET LIVE

niggas claim they the Radiant Child, but they the SAMO
I grip the mic like it's my j-o...I rule with it
dropped outta school, but you'sa fool
if you was thinkin' i'ma fool wit it...
but shit, i'm cool wit it.
don't even get it confused, i share dap wit
niggas i wouldn't dare get on a track with
cause i ain't down with wack shit...
but some of these mufuckas?
it's almost like paying your local taxes cause...
niggas will hate you quick.
try to ride your coat tails to sell
but they measure my dopeness from a different scale
that's why we drink from a different well
blaze from a different L
it ain't hard to smell
i exhale, then prevail
the mic is contacted, y'all niggas is clientele
and niggas out here? still can't get the crowd hyper
they still spittin they writtens in a cipher?
give that fucking mic up.
Track Name: motivation!! (prod. Slimkat78)
its 24 hours in a day
work about 8, barely worth the pay
and all day i'm thinkin bout the shit I'd rather do like
nada damn thang and sippin on a brew
building with the crew
Tryna get more than what I had before
Its like an uphill battle for the cash galore
but fuck it...i never lose
Instead of letting life kick me, I said "ima be the boot"
so I'm walkin it
check 1, 2? Yeah I'm talkin it
cause niggas like me? can barely fit into this office shit
without looking like the awkward mix
too smart for the streets
not dumb enough for the beats
plus every job I get be somewhat demeaning
sick of taking trash out, toilet bowl cleaning
bout ready to spaz out, they want my peace?
but this ain't bouta be no easy defeat...

so if you wit me say
(Fuck that shit!!)
like yo I'm better than that!!
(I'm better than that!!)
Yo if you wit me say fuck that shit!!
say I'm better than that...
Yo this is my motivation
(man this ain't even a 9-5...)
this is my motivation...
(shit i'm still with ma dukes man...)

Ay look --
i got one of them bullshit jobs
so i can just hit ghost when it all take off
but damn...i gotta dumb myself down for a few laughs
and ain't nigga there that care that i rap
but shit -- i got a dream
to slide up on the scene
wit the Gs in my hand
blowin trees wit my man
out in killa cali, overseas in japan
chillin wit a cool chick, laid up in the sand
and man...
i know its a lot to want from life
but you goddamn right a nigga want it overnight
i ain't got no patience
kick these niggas to the curb if they waiting
to me that's wasting
taking sides with satan
tryna be safe, because your talents take you outside of a comfortable place
you gotta look this shit right in the face
make eye contact
and if you can't, you a disgrace
and ima be like

fuck that shit!!!
like, yo I'm better than that....
so if you wit me say fuck that shit!!!
like, yo I'm better than that...
man this is my motivation
(cause when the last time YOU bought an album, for real...)
this is my motivation...
(niggas doing four years, get a degree, looking for the same jobs as me? nigga please....)
Track Name: slow down!! (prod. Dirty Church)
it's like I forgot what this shit was for
before the promises of tours and
vinyl in the stores from being a literary whore
I left retail to sell myself with more detail
how silly is that?
my Pops said it was silly to rap
used to find my notebooks in the trash, so you know we had to scrap
I had math notes in the front but, rhymes in the back
I guess I was off track...
been unemployed for a minute
so when niggas like "you doing it!!!"
i'm like my cash flow, mad slow
yeah, I ruin it
cause hype kills....how can I sice myself?
when this little bit of wealth won't suffice for self
wishing sometimes, these rhymes would write themselves
and struggling to find words that'll strike your nerve
and living from mic check to check...
cause all I got is my life....full of memories and retrospect
but uh...

every line we shine
you gotta keep it moving like a step at a time....
these niggas out here pressing rewind?
you must be out ya mind...

...I be going to war with my morals cause I want it in the plurals
never one of them, more like three of those
but too cautious to go all in
so I'm caught in between my self-esteem
and my dreams...
...like we ain't on the same team
sometimes I be chillin in my room
ain't fuckin wit the scene
just ain't feelin the style....
niggas ain't concerned with fabric
its all about how it seams/seems
the art of perception and deception
was born a rap fiend
so I bought into that gangsta shit when I was a teen
Had to buy myself back
Realized that rap was more than a marketing ploy
Its all up in our jeans/genes like cotton
Or cotton money that we made but never seen...
...you see the difference in our schemes
Is you callin em ignorant, I tell em that they kings
tryna show em what's in front of em
that...they never seen nahmean??!


Woke up Saturday morn
Dunno what was on my mind last night, but I had to perform
Blank stares with a stomach full of alcoholic beverage
Tryna lift poverty, my lyrics be my leverage
Hip-hop is like my reverend...that tell me keep stepping
But I pass my own plate for the collection
Saving what I'm earning
Learning what I'm earning
Tryna pen another Dirty Church sermon
This that NIG version
Need a better job for a better pay
Bank account catch a comma, shit I gotta celebrate
Real rap, same ole struggle...shit is everyday like a heather grey
These...words are mine
Got a wealth of experience in my lifetime
Hard to break that shit down into a rhyme
That's why it's my job
If ima be right here in the right now
Ain't no damn way I can slow down
Track Name: so great!!
yeah...i been dreaming of this since
square one, yeah sun, beaming relentles...
like a light that's in the back of my head
the same flame in my chest that pull a nigga out of bed

the motivational speech, of the rhythm runs deep
when a nigga feel weak
i used to be the most high
in search of the most high
finding myself at peace through the beats
never sleep and it feels....
it feels *so great*

..to stray away from the path then look at it and laugh
i'm so damn glad time moves on
we got stones to turn, let's learn and move along
we got herb to burn, a pen and a pad
dim light, hold me tight i'm bouta write all night look..
resonating the words to take flight
let it rip, take a whiff
you might want a load of this, shit is PIFF

the same feeling you get..
when you like who you love...or love who you like
you damn...right its a drug, and living right is the price
do what you do like i be doin on the mic
you be iight!!!

got you checking for feedback
stumble on a message, ain't expecting to see that
blessings in possession when confessing you need that
but you just wanna know where the weed at, you see that?
come on

look...i been dreaming of this since
the days where a stage just seemed in the distance
but now its all reality filled
drop a rhyme, pass time, watch my salary build
free your mind from the grind where the cowardly squeal
so if you tryna keep it real then fuck it, well let's build

let's build...for real...

you see it feel like
a heavy buzz, but you still nice
tryna figure if its real life
but its all true
don't get caught up in the scene where the false move
be all YOU.
i had to learn to
just live with mistakes and
not hold grudges off the moves i made -- or didn't
time be bringing education to your vision
keep playin your position, nigga listen
i'm at the cusp of the truth, relishing time in my youth and
when it's all through, i remain resolute look...
i'm paying dues, sometimes i play the blues, but i can't snooze
you see i been in a dream
been laced up the shoes
taking the steps
making it def
playing the left
what can i do for you
but be the truth?
the truth...
yeah. and it feel so great......
Track Name: xxrodeo (feat. Cortez & godlymC) [prod. Drew Dave]
I woke up in the PM
turned over, a little slower
phone by my shoulder
ain't even bother to check it
needing a respite, or an exit
feeling like eff it
giving less effort
the business used to be the pleasure
but now I got quotas
still broke as fuck
tryna find drive, but I need a new motor
or somethin like a chauffeur
walking with a boulder, tryna feel bolder, right?
shit I strain to maintain my solar light
and focus when I approach the mic
so what the fuck am I supposed to write??
tight shit. type shit that'll mold ya life
the real rap, self savior
that you savor with every molar bite
god, I praise in the hopeless nights...
cause I got the love, so everything'll be iight...
Track Name: aijuswannarap [feat. godlymC & Kenn Starr] (prod. Drew Dave)
You know Toine come off correct
& keep it raw like a 4 track, off cassette
Make you pay every time like you call collect
Yo who the fuck is all up on my neck?
Chill out fam
I'm out up on the scene with an elegant plan
Don't need keys to a Beamer, I ain't Elephant Man**

**editor's note -- as soon as I wrote that shit, I knew damn well I fucked up. Beanie Man was who I was thinking about, Elephant man is what rhymed. And then the verse was already written so I said fuck it....BUT DOG, I KNOW MY MUSIC.

Flow cold when the dough low, hell of a jam
Now I got mad fiends, I could sell it by the gram
When I do a joint, the shit come with an advance
You the type to see a beach and bring sand
Not me nigga!
So if you talk the dopest cats to rhyme
AntoineRaps on the twitter
Need a verse? I deliver
I prolly pen it on the shitter
Then blow a j wit my niggas
The word is my weapon, rhyme books like militias
I'm the colonel of the journal
You a barefoot Cinderella
How you even in the picture?
Track Name: stop fakin!! (prod. 00genesis)
I barely got game
but a nigga got luck
canada dry, wit jameson up in the cup
going to my brain
got me shooting the breeze wit the hip fire aim
...and you know I be talkin that bullsh--
dumpin words out cause I got like a full-clip
of slick raps...spit wit plenty kickback so
accuracy...don't really matter to me
jus tryna figure how to split ya figure casually
you want love? girl, that shit don't really happen to me
so my tactics'll be...to play it on some cool shit
cause you ain't got a "you" to even add it to me..please
but...shit was straight, we did a couple dates
played the cards right, nigga had her in the place
I was all up in her face, she was all up on the breaks
brought nothing to my plate so why I gotta wait? ay!
Track Name: midnight maraudin' (prod. Drew Dave)
If you messing wit Toine? Wholetime You rollin wit a slick joint
Cop me some doja & a roller for the spliff joint
Cop me a cola got a Motorola hip joint
Old school type...dog I mean literally
Text game mad brief, like a shot of Hennessy black
Where you at? Out chillin, tryna catch the feeling
of that fan on the ceiling
For me, you, ya mama & ya cuz too
and anyone that love you
Make em quake like the bass on that sub do
*** got beats, tryna speak? Shit, I'd love to
Didn't wanna assume, but fuck it, it was butter
So I spread it on the bread, till I'm dead word to muva
Played it real cool, now we chillin undercovers
Bouta eat it like some supper then I slide up on a rubber
You know the Lethal Weapon co-star the Danny Glover
Get it in, shorty thin, ass fat like Ruben Studdard
Sweet like the sugar in the cupboard
Type to seduce me like a movie
Gucci - Think I Love Her
She beg to differ tho
Cause yo, Toine spit a different flow
Up in every ear, all year when I'm near yo...
Got a problem for the fat bottom
What that surprise you?
I'm nasty like 2LiveCrew
tryna slide through ya home base like Bryce Harper
camera round my neck like the black Peter Parker
Supreme hat, Astros Starter, I'm like a Hypebeast blog author
But sharper
So raise up your offer
Coming to a bar near you
With a two step and a glass full of brew
Guess who?
You know how we do
Tez & Boom, we be the crew
Peace to Dunc...he in the stu
My main man Mook got a tumblr chick or two
Tryna hit up JD to find out the move what's the deal??
Track Name: a dream (prod. Drew Dave)
It was all a dream
I used to read scratch magazine!
Little Brother & Jay Dee on the computer screen
Hanging posters on my wall
Rappin to myself what I'd spit in the cipher to kill em all
Now I'm feeling like I woke up
Like me and my first love I was fucking, yeah we broke up
But I still love her
Shit it feel like I be tryna text shorty
Just to rediscover glory
Hell, I think she best for me
Seen too many cats in the streets that see me, and wonder how she doing too
Like “What y'all had was beautiful…"
So now I'm back with the pad and pen and
Back with the top rank
Tryna remake
the shit that even made me even give a damn in the first place
Treating all occasions like we out on a first date...for real
tryna live that dream…

It's like yo, yo
right now, we at the end of the show, show
So if you feel me do my thing, lemme know, know
we gotta go, go
PG up on my back
Ay Drew Dave in the buildin…
Ya boy Toine in the buildin…
just tryna stack the cream
keep my rap sheet clean
every day of with hip-hop, is like I’m living a dream

Niggas hit me like dog, where's the new shit?
Tried to do solo, hell I tried to do some crew shit
But how the fuck you helping other niggas
When shit hitting the fan and you clueless
Me and my raps scrap for the meaning of what truth is
And what I stand for
You still living wit ya moms tryna act like you the bomb...?
Nah nigga.
Yo ceiling is another man's floor
There's levels to this
You beside yourself tryna be a rebel to this
Look. I wanna write elegant shit
But I'm more motivated by the conflict
If putting your heart, in your rhymes is a crime then consider me a convict
Rhyme like I caught a bid back in 9-6......
Now I'm back on the streets
tryna show the whole world how this rap sound complete
I got an image of myself that I’m dying to be
fuck lying to them…nigga I been lying to me
…just tryna live that dream!!


since the…day I came with styles and flows
had to…bring it back up the wildest slope
my life..full of hills and valleys, nights and shows
nowadays i get high and that’s when i feel low
had to put the smoke down
cause i’m a thoroughbred
and this mary make you think you in a merry go round
— just running in a circle, wasting ya breath
but fuck that, I’ma own this mic till I’m out of breath
false step? Get ya bell rung..
Toine serve styles extra rare...and leave that microphone well done
Old school, stiff arm niggas, L1
test cats like a vet, never failed one!
kill it all, when the lyrics involved
get up like Don McClurk with a slip and a fall
if you think you know, you ain’t gettin it dog
I said my sonic ain’t platonic, i be hitting it raw!